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Susan G. Koman

I had the unfortunate experience of watching my mom (and best friend) battle breast cancer in 2008. We are so very grateful and fortunate that she has been cancer free since 2009, but there are many women out there today who have lost the fight, or are still on the journey. Susan G. Komen has been taking their time, money, and efforts to launch a global breast cancer movement. They’ve invested almost $2 billion to work towards the end of breast cancer. Their efforts have fueled ground-breaking research, community health outreach, and programs in more than 50 countries. More importantly, Komen has played a critical role in transforming how we view the disease.. talk about it.. and support breast cancer survivors.

They predict breast cancer will hit more than 1.3 million women annually over the next 20 years, killing 11 million of them. Let’s all take a responsible role in spreading the knowledge, resources, and funds needed to help end this horrible disease.

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I’ve been featured on the Mid-Michigan chapter of the Susan G. Komen foundation.