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Mortgage Process

Loan Process Flow

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in either lowering your interest rate or securing financing for a new home or investment property. As a strategic mortgage planner my goal is to help you understand the loan application process. The mortgage application process is where you fill out the loan application, sign various forms, and deliver your Mortgage documentation requirements. (bank statements, pay stubs, W2s, tax returns, etc). The mortgage documents you will receive to review and sign, will discuss the terms/agreement of your new loan, as well as authorize the lender to process your loan. Any delays in returning the documents required, will also delay the process of the loan.. so please send all required documents back into our company fully completed and as soon as possible. You should understand that our process cannot begin until these documents are completed and or received.

You’re not just another loan to me – you’re an individual with unique financing needs. That’s why I work with a group of individuals that help me provide the highest levels of customer service possible. With an inventory of several home loan products, Huron Valley Financial can make sure your refinance or purchase is a perfect fit with your finances and lifestyle.

I want to make sure your home financing experience is simple and hassle-free. I want you to consider your relationship with Huron Valley
Financial to be a truly valuable one. I hope that you’ll think of me when you’re looking for a home loan, or are in need of refinancing your existing mortgage

The following is a general idea of what will occur once I receive your signed mortgage application. Most loan applications in California, Indiana, Texas, and Michigan take approximately 30-45 days to bring to closing. Time is important because all the steps in the mortgage process are sequential. For you to meet your targeted closing date all of your documentation needs to be in order. This is why I always recommend that you start the mortgage pre-approval process as soon as you begin house hunting.

Even though the steps below will tell you what you should expect, I like to stay in constant contact with my clients during the mortgage process. I also send weekly updates to all my referral partners – so your agent will also be keep up to speed with the timing/progress of your financing. I’m always available for any questions or concerns that you might have. If there’s anything you would like explained in more detail along the way.. or you just want to check in to see where you’re at in the process flow, always feel free to call me. More importantly, even once your loan is closed, I’m still always available for my clients that have questions or concerns.


What to Expect When You Refinance a Home

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Home Loan Process