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Plenty of lenders offer mortgages… but simply “getting you a mortgage” isn’t good enough for me. I want to offer you much more. Better communication. More choices. Caring, personal attention. And, as our relationship grows, I’ll always be here to answer your questions. I’ll also make additional products and services available so you can simplify your finances and put your money to work.

Feel free to ask me about any part of the loan process… that’s what I’m here for. It won’t take long for you to realize the difference between someone who’s content to simply “get you a mortgage”, and someone who believes in providing you with the service, value and convenience you deserve.

Why You Need a Licensed Mortgage Expert

“Purchasing a home is the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime.” That phrase is often said, but no one ever discusses the most important part of your home purchase: The Mortgage. What do you qualify for? What do you need to apply? Refinancing – do you need an appraisal? A qualified experienced mortgage expert like myself can make this process easier while finding the lowest mortgage rates you qualify for. As a lender, I represent many different lender loan products. I am licensed to offer mortgage loans in California, Indiana, Texas and Michigan. Another very important piece of information that’s rarely discussed, is the difference between bankers and lenders/brokers. Some mortgage “bankers” are not required to be licensed. In order to be a licensed mortgage lender or broker, we now have to meet several requirements and standards set forth by the S.A.F.E Act.

Licensing Requirements:

Mortgage Loan Originators must:

    • Provide fingerprints for an FBI criminal history background check
    • Input and maintain their personal Mortgage Loan Originator record in NMLS and their license in each state in which they wish to conduct loan origination activity
    • Pass a national mortgage test (and individual state test)
    • Take 20 hours of pre-licensure education courses approved by NMLS.

The education must include:

    • 3 hours of federal law and regulations
    • 3 hours of ethics, which must include fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending
    • 2 hours of standards on non-traditional mortgage lending

We must also meet the following standards:

    • Never had a loan originator license revoked
    • Has had no felonies in the past seven years
    • Never had a felony involving fraud, dishonesty, breach of trust or money laundering
    • Demonstrates financial responsibility and general fitness
    • Scores 75% or better on a national test created by NMLS&R

The test will include:

      • Ethics
      • Federal law and regulation
      • State law and regulation
      • Federal and state law and regulation pertaining to fraud, consumer protection, nontraditional mortgages, and fair lending; and Takes eight hours of continuing education annually.

The education must include:

    • 3 hours of federal law and regulations
    • 3 hours of ethics, which must include fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending
    • 2 hours of standards on non-traditional mortgage lending; and Maintain licensure through NMLS&R

Navigating through all the Mortgage Confusion

What type of loan is best for you? What paperwork do I need? Do I need to follow up to make sure all the paperwork has been processed in a timely fashion? I know this can be overwhelming.

California, Texas, Indiana, and Michigan are all very different mortgage markets, and buying climates, but people in each state all say one thing: “The Mortgage Lending Process is Confusing”. After having worked in the mortgage industry since 1999, I understand how confusing it can be to choose the perfect mortgage. And today, with all the Internet based lending, it appears that most companies are trying to treat “buying a home” like buying a new outfit online. The perception is that online mortgage lending can save you time and money, but if you don’t understand what mortgage you’re getting, read the fine print on the terms of your loan, or trust that your loan officer is managing your loan through the process in a timely manner (so there aren’t any delays in your closing)… it could actually cost you thousands of dollars in the long-run.. and maybe even the dream home you wanted to purchase.

I’ve had several clients referred to me, coming from a poor experience online – whether it was no communication (they would call customer service, but no one was ever available to speak to them, and answer questions they may have).. or their mortgage terms changed at the very end *closing costs, rate, etc. (when they were signing final closing documents with a notary) without any advance notice or explanation. You also need to be aware when “shopping for a mortgage online”. Several online shopping sites will sell your information to multiple lenders – meaning, once you enter in all your personal information (*including your social security number).. that information is forwarded to several other banks.
Make sure you can trust the individual advising you on one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make.