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    The path to the American dream is often through a home loan. There are so many options that often obtaining a home loan or refinancing an existing loan can seem extremely complicated.

    Bad Credit, No Credit or Low Credit Scores I can help you find a solution. I offer advice on the best mortgage product for your individual situation.


    Using my services can and will save you time and money.

    My product knowledge and experience is well rounded. I specialize in all mortgage products, follow market trends, and stay current on the latest rules and regulations regarding loans. I know all the latest rules and regulations regarding loans.

    The Right Mortgage Program For You
  • Attention to Details

    Often a mortgage application can be delayed or rejected due to mistakes or incorrectly filed papers. Your mortgage matters to me no matter if it is a home or financial investment. I will always make sure your paperwork is correct for your loan application to ensure there is no delay in receiving your mortgage approval.

    Mortgage Documentation
  • Financial Mortgage Expert

    I understand the fine print of the various mortgage products available to property investors. Not all mortgage professionals understand how mortgages affect property investors.

    I can find you the correct mortgage that best fits your loan term length and interest investment needs.

    Investment Property Mortgages


Since 1999, I have been making dreams come true for homeowners. In that time, I have assisted those homeowners in refinancing their home loans to take advantage of lower interest rates, helping them purchase their next home as their lifestyles change, and create wealth with a Real Estate portfolio through home loans.

I’m proud that the mortgage company I work with is committed to fair pricing and flexible financing for our clients. As a mark of their commitment, they carry an A+ rating with the BBB.

My product knowledge and experience is well rounded. I specialize in all mortgage products and follow current market trends. Using sound financial strategies and various mortgage programs options, I can tailor your home loan to meet YOUR specific goals and objectives.

We provide the following types of loans:

  • Conventional Fixed Rate and ARM Loans
  • FHA and VA Loans
  • USDA, Rural Development Loans
  • Debt Consolidation and Cash Out Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • HARP Mortgage Program
  • HomePath Financing Loans
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Construction Loans
  • Doctor Advantage Loans

I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Credit Education is a way I can assist people in restoring their credit. I know bad credit is most likely not due to irresponsibility, but rather an unavoidable consequence. As an experienced mortgage expert, I work for your best interests. I want to be Your Lender for Life.. so you can count of me for a smooth application, timely approval, and a closing free of any last minute surprises. I am dedicated to giving my customers the best home buying experience possible and constantly strive to exceed their expectations.


Michigan Mortgages / Loans

Michigan was one of the first states to be hit by the mortgage crisis, and is also becoming one of the first to climb out of it. Existing home sales in Michigan rose for the second straight year in 2012, and new building permits are at a six-year high (according to Realcomp).

Michigan is known for having the world’s longest freshwater coastline, and home to more than 100 public beaches. The Upper Peninsula, which is 90% forested, offers almost unlimited access to wilderness, waterfalls, and wildlife.
Michigan Loans

Texas Mortgages / Loans

According to Allied Van Lines’ 41st Annual Magnet State Report, Texas is the No.1 destination state for residential relocation's for the 4th year in a row! Unlike many other states that experienced dramatic increase in value during the years, homes in Texas have seen a more steady appreciation... which is also one of the main reasons the state was not as affected with dramatic drops in value during the housing crisis. This makes owning property in Texas a great investment. Add in tax credits and first time home buyer programs, mortgages in Texas are more affordable than ever.
Texas Loans

California Mortgages / Loans

Investors have played a key role in California’s housing recovery over the past couple years. It’s now a “seller’s market” in southern California, as home prices are bouncing back at a record pace.

One of the things I love about working on home loans in California is that I am helping people purchase or refinance a property in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Known for its sunny weather and breath-taking scenery, California is an ideal place to live or retire.
California Loans

Indiana Mortgages / Loans

Recently named “Great Urban Weekend Escapes” by Forbes’, Indianapolis is becoming known for its high-profile attractions with true Midwestern hospitality. Since 2011, Indiana has been making its way back from the fallout of the housing market. Housing demand is on the rise.. not only because of its growing popularity of the state’s capital, but it has also developed a growing market for real estate investors.
Indiana Loans

Understanding the Mortgage / Home Loan Process

The mortgage / loan process can be difficult and confusing. What do you qualify for? What information do you need to apply? Do you need an appraisal? What mortgage product is the best fit for you? What is mortgage insurance?.. do you need it? Should you work with a Real Estate Agent? A qualified experienced mortgage expert like myself can make this process easier while finding the best mortgage product, and lowest mortgage rates available.
Mortgage / Loan Process

How Your Mortgage Makes a Difference

There are so many ways Your Mortgage Can Make a Difference. Maybe you have a local church you belong to, and they have financial needs. Local schools and booster programs are always looking for financial support – are your kids in sports or extra-curricular programs that could use some assistance? $200 will be donated to the charity of your choice, whether you purchase or refinance your home
Make a Difference with Your Mortgage

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